Epic games launcher store page

Hi there,

I must be completely spacing out. I took advantage of the free Civilization VI game, but now I don’t know how to download it. Well actually I was able to get it on to my surface laptop, but now I want to get it on my gaming desktop rig, and really don’t remember how I was able to do it… but I cannot see the store page of the epic games launcher anymore. At the top I see the tabs “Unreal Engine”, “learn”, “Marketplace”, “library”, “twinmotion”, and on the left column I see the tabs “Friends”, “Unreal Engine”, “downloads”, “Settings”, and my profile name.

I have restarted my launcher several times and have reinstalled it, but no luck.

What am I missing?

Edit: I am just now seeing on my surface laptop that the launcher looks different and has a store page, but why can I not see this on my desktop version/how can access this page?

Edit 2: This might not be the right place for this thread, but wasn’t sure where else to put it… sorry!

In case there’s some confusion…

Attached is what I see in my version of the Epic Games launcher.

How do I get to the Store Browser? I really have looked everywhere and cannot find it.


And now I get the launcher with the store page this morning after all the work I did yesterday trying to find the store page. I must be out of my mind.