Epic Games Launcher keeps launching as background process

same problem here, admin rights dont solve it.

same, mine only launches to the background. glad to see i’m not alone

I’m on version 6.0.1… Is that what you meant?

the same with 6.01, process on background

I recently installed the new epic games launcher the 5.0.1 version but the launcher pops-up and is installing updates but after this. He goes to my background processes in windows task manager.

When i than close the application and start the laucher again he only starts as background process and does nothing.

Please help no idea how to fix this.

DxDiag: file:///C:/Users/Jeroen%20Piussi/Documents/UnrealTournament/Saved/HardwareSurvey/dxdiag.txt

No before i was on the 5,0,1 version. and thats maybe about 3 weeks ago. But now there is a new version the 6,0,1.

My issue is the updater launches after an install but never again, It also opens as a background process for like a few seconds, then closes. HELP!!!

I am having a similar issue…

to duplicate: play a game of Unreal before bed, exit to desktop then leave pc to go to sleep on its own. In the morning when I wake up there is a WR-001 error (connectivity issue) when in reality I am connected to the internet just fine, even though it says WR-001 I can just close the launcher, open Unreal and then start playing online, I can browse the web, I’m posting here :stuck_out_tongue: etc. It seems like the reason for this is that when I close Unreal Tournament, for some reason the launcher wants to keep running in the background, I assume its also checking for updates and since my pc was in sleep mode it gave epic the finger and said “wake me up later for this ■■■■ man” which epic just took as network disconnect (no response) …this is a guess from what I’ve seen, it could be very wrong.

Does anyone know of a way to close Epic Launcher at the same time when I close Unreal Tournament?

Try to disable your antivirus that fixed it for me

I get the same problem, I don’t think I have an anti virus, if I do, I don’t know what it is.

just go to the task manager choose the programme and click end task