Epic Games Launcher is laggy on Unreal Engine tabs and shows weird content on UE main tab

Hello, i have a really anoying problem with the Epic Games launcher since one of the latest updates:
First, it is extremly laggy on the Unreal Engine library tab.
Second is,

it shows an old welcome page on the unreal engine tab … something from UE4 version 4.12.?!

My system is Win10, checked on Windows 10 Builds 1803 and 1809 - same behaviour. Introduced with the forelast update of the Launcher.

Weird main tab content see attached file.

maybe some one else having the same problem?

… and please forgive my english … i’m not native speaking english

Same problem here at home on Win 7 64 bit and at my workplace Win 10 64 bit.

I am suffering the same problem with the launcher being very slow on all tabs/pages but I don’t have the seeing old content problem :confused:

Hopefully their working on it :slight_smile:

I deleted all old versions of UE (I used to have them since version 4.10) and the launcher began to work much better.