Epic Games Launcher installation hangs at DirectX installation

During the installation of EGL (EpicInstaller-7.4.0-fortnite-cf570d33cbc14ae199addf76678b57ea.msi), the installation hangs upon reaching the DirectX installation section of the process. After 5-10 seconds of hanging, it says: “There is a problem with this windows installer package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor.”, progress bar never having reached completion. My installerlog:

Thanks :slight_smile:

My friend had exactly this stuff. Get Direct x and try installing it separately. It is microsoft fault (was on my friends computer), not unreal installer.

I tried to fix it, but i failed, solution to this was copying installer folder to his computer.

@Nawrot First of all thanks for your response. How I get the installer folder ? I have no friend who has the epic games launcher on his pc or can you send me the folder ?

Easiest would be installing just launcher on any PC you have access to, then zipping that folder and copying on usb.

why I cannot play unsupported os?

Because it’s unsupported.

@Nawrot And there is the problem, i have only one accessible pc :frowning:

Any tips ? :0

You need to find friend with PC.
Or get windows 7 64bit, empty harddrive. Install windows, then install launcher. Then swap back drives (boot again from your current one).
I would zip you my folder, but i am unsure if it does (or does not) contain sensitive information, like my credit card or login somewhere in those huge cache files.
Or some watermark hidden in there designed to trace marketplace theft or anything else.

@Nawrot I understand. Do you know something like an “virtual desktop” because i really doesn’t have a second accessible pc.

I can upload it to my google drive and from there i’ll send you the link to download the launcher. I was also having the issue where it was hanging when installing DIrectX. I did what @Narwrot and it worked. just DM me on twitter @adrawrjdet