Epic Games Launcher / Epic Social System - Global matchmaking system for all games

Expanding upon HenrikRyosa’s idea for UT: Live matchmaking - Scans for better matches while you play.

Unified matchmaking system for all games that are within the Epic Games Launcher / utilises the Epic Social System.

A user might feel like playing UT, ARK or Paragon. Instead of having to check each game it is done on user’s behalf and the options are then provided to them.

The user can go off and do something else, but get notified if something matches their criteria and then they get a toaster notification to choose whether they want to join or not.

  1. User sets parameter / criteria:
    a) what game type
    b) which titles and order (1 UT, 2 ARK, 3 Paragon)
    c) how much time they have
  2. System would poll all servers for available matches
  3. System provides notification to the users with a list of available games to join.
  4. User clicks on the notification, game starts and joins automatically
  5. There is an option to join and disable matching or join and keep providing alternative matches.
    a) While they might be fine playing a match in ARK, maybe they really wanted to play a game of UT, but

Over time this system could replace PUG in IRC for UT as it is done on Epic’s own platform.

It could be implemented as either an additional screen in the Epic Games Launcher or part of the friends list?

It would seem that Fortnite already has a party system. So if we could have unification across all Epic Franchises and games in Epic Games Launcher that’d be great :slight_smile: