Epic Games Launcher doesn't show my projects

The Epic games Launcher doesn’t show my projects and i can’t add the vault content to my projects as well because of it… in fact i don’t think it even downlods them.

The Epic Games is intalled is my E drive.
E://Epic Games
The unreal engine under E://Epic Games/UE_4.16
The projects under E://Epic Games/UE_4.16/Unreal Projects
The Launcher under E://Epic Games/Launcher

The projects are usually saved under C://Users/(Your Name)/Documents/Unreal Projects. so try changing the project folder to somewhere there by following these steps:

  1. Right-click the documents folder you want to redirect to another location.
  2. Select “Properties”
  3. Click the tab “Location”
  4. Click the button “Move”
  5. An Explorer dialog “Select a destination” will open
  6. Browse to the location where you want to redirect this folder. You can select another location on this computer, another drive attached to this computer, or another computer on the network
  7. Click the folder where you want to store the files (not the root of a drive)
  8. Click the button “Select Folder”
  9. Click “OK”
  10. In the dialog that appears, click “Yes” to move all the files to the new location.

Windows changes everything automatically.

Hi and thanks for the answer.

Unfortunatly I am in the same boat.

I am Win10 owner but the project I create doesn’t appear in the main Launcher.

Basically I have access to them only once I have launched the Unreal engine.

I have tried your suggestion but unfortunatly it doesn’t work to me (at least because I can’t find the tab location in the main folder lcoated in C: at the path you have underlined).

Thanks for your time and patience.

Kind regards