Epic Games Launcher does not start at all

Hello, I’m having issues when starting Epic Games Launcher, when I try to open it nothing happens and I have tried opening it in every way i can think of but nothing works. I’ve tried the suggestions on the troubleshooting page but they didn’t help. Someone help please.

my logs and DxDiag link text

Hey dude i have same isues with launcher did you fix it or?

you have to wait sometimes butsometimes it dosent work t all
delete and reinstal

Hey Bwaix i had the exact same problem an i can tell you the solution. For me what fixed it was getting a VPN connected. They problem that i seemed to have was that my internet service provider was connecting me to my guess network. So when i connect it only allows me to use some websites because i am a “guess”. With a vpn your able unlock all the services you can use and also broswe any website you want.

So to summerize, you need to install a VPN maybe a one like ProtonVPN which will unlock all the services you can use or website you can search up. If this does not work than make sure to check with your ISP(Internet Service Provider) about your Internet bill, it mayt be overdue or simply not paid.

This idiot is lying. It’s a shady salesman trying to sell VPN internet. I hope no one believes this person.