Epic Games Launcher crashes upon startup. why?

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling twice now but I still get the same issue. even wiped my registries. The program was working just fine before. But yesterday I tried booting it up and it crashes each time. I’ve attached any relevant info y’all might need. thankslink text

The crash occurs before logging in is possible and no error message or log occurs.


Few questions to help us here:

  1. At what point does the launcher crash? Is it before login or after? If after can you determine if it is on a specific tab you click on like the Unreal Engine tab?
  2. Is there a crash reporter that opens when the crash occurs? Any visible indication of the crash? If so what do you see?

Can I ask you so post another set of verbose launcher logs? The last one cuts out abruptly and that may be the crash but a second set of logs may help here.


link text

Added updated log. Same result, only this time before crashing at the log in screen, it was able to finish its update of the launcher before crashing.

Hi gmastronardi, could you do the following to enable more descriptive logs so that we can better investigate this issue?

Right click the Epic Games Launcher shortcut on the desktop, and select properties. In the target line of the shortcut tab, after the installation path of the launcher in parenthesis, add the following commmands: “-forcelogflush” “-debuglogging” (without quotes). That should prevent the logs from getting cut off next time.

Once you have done so, if you are able to reproduce the crash and post those new logs here, that should give us more information to investigate fully. Thanks for your patience.

This recent crash with the Epic Games Launcher has become a commonly reported issue. In order to focus our support efforts and consolidate information, we are going to close this post and redirect to the following location:

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Thanks for your help and your patience while we work to resolve this issue.