Epic games launcher crash,my epic games launcher is being crashed after 2 or 3 minutes after starting :/ my dxdiag and launcher log files are given below :) hope your suggestion will fix my problem soon :D

hi there :slight_smile: i was having problems while packaging my project in unreal 4.11.2 . So i uninstalled that unreal engine and was supposed to download a new one of the same version.But now i am facing these problem :confused: Whenever I launch the epic games launcher it launches perfectly and shows message to wait for unreal to be downloaded :smiley: But after downloading 1 or 2%(highest 4%) the launcher crashes and shows that “epic games has stopped working” :cry: sigh :confused: 3 days have passed and i have wasted my time to solve this problem :frowning: but i can’t :confused: i have tried every solution but there is no result :confused: my dxdiag and launcher log files are attached below :smiley: i hope ur suggestion can fix my problem :slight_smile: thank you :smiley:

link text

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I got the same problem since the last update…

how did you fix it? :smiley:

The EG was using my Intel Graphics chipset (which is too crappy) so I said to my Nvidia chipset to run it and since I did it, no more crashes…

hey dude :v i have done it.But after 4% downloading it crashes again :cry:


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