Epic Games Launcher consumed 20-35% CPU on MacOS

I just noticed that my Mac Pro began making a fan noise I’ve never heard before, and when I looked at what was causing it, the Epic Games Launcher was at the top of the activity panel with 36% CPU consumption.

I don’t have any games installed, and from what I could see it wasn’t doing anything. I mean, the 4.22.3 editor was running in the foreground as I was working in it, and that only consumed 15% CPU.

I only installed this yesterday, so it’s bound to be the latest version (as of writing) and MacOS is on Mojave with auto update.

A bit silly for a launcher that, isn’t it?

It’s actually around the same in Windows.

Another terrible thing about the Epic Games Launcher on the Mac is that it automatically launches even if just you directly double-click on an Unreal project.

It doesn’t do this on PC, so why are Epic punishing Mac users like this? (Luckily it’s easier to spot and kill in the dock than in the Windows system tray.)

Actually it does, on my PC (Windows 10) it also launches the EG Launcher even if I just double click the Unreal Project file. But yes, it’s really annoying!

It does? That’s terribly sneaky of them. That dark Epic logo is very difficult to spot in the dark Windows 10 system tray.

lol yes it is, I wasn’t aware that the Epic launcher is running in the background for a reeeallyy long time. When I found out how resource hungry it is, I made it a habit of mine to always quit it whenever I launch a project.

The launcher is really such a pain, especially as it’s so slow and even slower to boot up again if I need some assets.

There is really no words allowed here to describe how much I despise the Epic launcher.

Hear! Hear!

Just had a discussion last friday with two friends that question if they want to preorder Borderlands 3 on it’s own merits, but one of the main deciding factors for “No, wait” was the Epic launcher was a huge pile. One (maybe both) of them hate the launcher so badly they won’t purchase Borderlands 3 even if it’s a raving success until it’s available elsewhere. We all hate the steam client too but repeatedly the phrase “it’s worse than steam” was uttered…

(In all fairness there are other issues such as Epic poaching crowdsourced games that promised steam for exclusives - but the launcher is the only completely inexcusable issue)

I don’t want to go into the exclusivity discussion here, but I agree on the rest. There is really nothing positiv about the launcher that makes me actually WANT to use it…

It’s slow, resource consuming and it lags often … it has near to no convenient features, the process of doing something is sluggish and unoptimized … it has an ugly design that can’t decide if it want’s to be on mobile or PC … and worst of it all, the user experience is just awfully bad.

This is what happens when programmers (with a bias) and not designers make the decisions about how a program should look and be used.

I don’t think programmers aim to have 30% cpu consumption on something that’s in the background 90% of the time… this feels like neglect and mismanagement (or if it is doing something with that 30%, then it’s pure malice).

Not sure what else to discuss this but does anyone know how to solve launcher trouble shooting issues? I’m getting this error in the image. Also I have some library content that is no longer working and was wondering if this error could be related?

What I meant is that in any good company, they would hire an app designer (or better yet a team) who then designs an app and decides which script language it should run on, in this case the best choice would likely be Python with a mix of others. Then you hire backend programmers who build the necessary backend software.

Here it seems whoever responsible in Epic thought “Unreal Engine is the best, we can make our launcher with it!” and well … that’s how we ended up with this slug of a launcher.

The joke of the story is, that now Epic has to pay a lot more money to get the Launcher to even somewhat near Steams features, instead of what they would have had to spend if they had hired professionals to build a standalone launcher from the beginning.

But I guess if you are drowning in cash from Tencent and gambling kids in Fortnite, you are losing perspective for the little things.

This launcher consumed 174GB once on my Mac :slight_smile: Report this to Epic as I did.