Epic Games launcher capped download speed? Help!

Hi everyone, I recently downloaded UE4 because I wanted to start learning game development as a hobby and I have really been enjoying it so far. However, I am having a major problem because Epic Games launcher is capping my download speed to 900KB/s and I have an 80Mb/s download speed through my ISP. This is making any decent sized asset take hours to download and it is driving me crazy. Also, before anyone asks, yes I know the difference between MByte/KByte and Mbit/Kbit. :slight_smile:

Things I have tried so far with no luck:

Turning on download throttling and setting value to 0 (Unlimited). Also tried setting value to 10000 which would be roughly my maximum download speed.

Editing the Engine.ini values to adjust chunk download values, ect.

Rebooting modem/router/PC

Flushing DNS cache/changing DNS servers

I am all out of ideas at this point. Everything else seems to download at my max speed no problem, IE Steam downloads are maxed out, speed test on Ookla shows 75-82Mb/s down after 3 tests.

I’ve done lots and lots of googling and it seems there are lots of other people that have had this problem but none of their fixes seem to work for me. Any help would be truly appreciated because at this point it’s just painful to try and build anything in UE4 unless it’s just with the basic assets that come with it.

Thank you for anyone that can provide any insight at all!

Also if this is in the wrong section, mods pls move! Thanks!

Hey @Ghost.-_-.Reaper, the post is fine right here for discussions around your issue, but for issues related to the Epic Games launcher you can also utilize Player Support: Epic Games Technical Support & Customer Service | Epic Games