Epic Games Launcher cannot connect to internet

Hello I am a new user to Unreal Engine and I am trying to download some sample content from the learn tab. I recently updated to Unreal Engine 4.10.4 and ever since then I am not able to access the content from the “Learn” tab. I get an error reading: " Uh oh, there is supposed to be something here. Try sorting out the connectivity issue and return to this page." However I am connected to the internet so I am very confused why I am having this issue. I am able to access the Marketplace, but when I go to the “Fortnite”, “Shadow Complex”, “Unreal Tournament”, “ARK”, and “Paragon” tabs I have the same issue.

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Firewall :wink:

Same problem here. and it is not firewall. I’ve turned off every bit of protection, firewall, antivirus… just everything, and everything tabs (Marketplace. Vault, all the game tabs, etc.), except for the bloody Learn tab.
Any fix?

Not sure if this will work for you but I decided to clear out the log files and then things just started working. Not saying this is a fix but this is what I did just before things started working again so YMMV.