Epic Games Launcher black screen-win10 64-intel 4600

As mentioned in the title i got a problem which seems that it’s common that the app. does launch but in black, i can find buttons and E-mail-password boxes with mouse pointer and can enter my account but the new bigger page that comes out is also in black.
This is the first time installing Epic app. as i wanted to download Unreal Tournament game that seems downloadable only through Epic Launcher.
I’ve tried what are listed in [here][1]…
[log file][2],
[DxDiag file][3].
Here are screenshots for the problem

Hope i can find any solution for this issue or any way to download the game.
Thanks in advance


I am closing this post as a duplicate of: https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/458083/epic-games-launcher-black-screen-win10-64-intel-46-1.html

Please refer to that post for additional information.

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