Epic Games launcher annoyances

Is it not annoying that the Epic games launcher forgets who I am basically every week lately and I have to login again to access my library. This was happening about a year ago and then they finally stopped doing that then, but now it’s back again. For someone like myself who has 340 assets in my UE4 library (yes,I’ve spent a lot of money), I happen to access my library ‘a lot’…sometimes multiple times per day checking out what I have and what I may want to add to my project. To have to login every week gets a bit old and tiresome. No other site does this. Why is Epic so intent on making one login so much?

Please, web designers for the Epic game launcher, fix the forgetting of login credentials for sanity sake!!! What is the point of having a tickable button for remembering login if it forgets every week?

That’s my Rant, Thank you

Yes it is one of the annoyances!