Epic Games Launcher 2.8.1 - Connection Error

Dear Community,

i’ve just signed up for Unreal Engine 4 and i already have trouble. I’ve downloaded the latest Epic Games Launcher (Version 2.8.1) and installed it. No Problems with the installation so far. After the installation the Launcher tries to start and i just get the message “Please Wait”. After some minutes a red triangle appears and says (in german, may some Germans are around here) “Fehler bei der Verbindung. Bitte probieren Sie es erneut”. You can translate it like: “Internet Connection Issues - Please try again”.

I already searched at AnswerHub for some soloutions and found a similar topic about the message “We are currently experiencing connection issues and are retrying.”, which fits I think. (https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/343235/please-wait-we-are-currently-experiencing-connecti.html) I also checked out the troubleshooter page. But everything I tried doesn’t seem to work.

Some informations:

  • Ports are open
  • Turned firewall off
  • Turned Avira off
  • tried it with -http=wininet
  • tried it with -http=curl
  • tried an older launcher version

I took a glance in the debugging files and it seems like it can’t load a .manifest file. I don’t know if that’s the problem or if it’s just caused by the problem.

Sry for my language mistakes, it isn’t my native langue. If you need any further informations just ask. Hope you can help me.


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With nothing changed, it works now. I don’t know why. May it was some server error. Thanks anyway. Guess we can close this topic!