Epic Games Launcher 2.4.0-264328 -http=wininet option no longer working


We had been running the Epic Games Launcher and Unreal Engine successfully behind a proxy server using the -http=wininet option. However, since the launcher updated to version 2.4.0-264328 this option no longer works. When entering the username and password and clicking the Sign In button, we’re presented with a ‘please wait’ dialogue box and nothing else happens. If I bypass the proxy, it signs in without a problem. However, because we’re in a school environment, allowing students to bypass the proxy isn’t a viable solution.

Could someone confirm that -http=wininet is still a valid command for this latest version of the launcher, and if it is, where else might I be going wrong?

Many thanks in advance for any help.

Hi Palmer’s IT

Unfortunately we introduced a bug with the 2.4 Launcher release which blocks the login process for those that have TCP port 5222 blocked either via firewall or their ISP. We have a fix currently in testing that we hope to release in a Launcher update today.


Thanks for the speedy reply Stephen. Port 5222 is blocked in our environment, so it makes perfect sense. I’ll await the fix and give it a try when it’s released.

Thanks again.

Any news?
I’m affected by this issue now :confused:

Are we still working on this because i cant use unreal 4 and its halting my gameing process.Since windows 10 im stuck.

I also work in an edu environment behind a proxy that blocks 5222. Any update on this would be welcome!

can I please play fortnite on my chrome book Samsung I’m having a hard time tring to play fortnite on my chrome book, can you please help me please

im playing on windows and when i open epicgames launcher, it goes to a ‘please wait while we start your update’ and it stays there forever. does anyone knwo how to fix this?

Hi folks.

I believe the original issue way back in 2015 was resolved shortly after. For any more recent occurrences, I am unable to comment on the possible reasons for a cause.

For all issues related to the Launcher, please view the following link.

I recommend reviewing the articles to see if there may already be a solution to your issue, and if not, you can use the “Contact Us” button on that page to reach out to launcher support.

Thanks. I’m now closing this post to ensure everyone is directed to the right location.