Epic Games Issues

I realize this isn’t the right place, but it’s the only place I can actually submit anything. And considering how unreal that is, maybe this is the right place. I’m trying to play Fortnite with friends, and I can see that they’re in-game, but when I launch the game and try to open the friends list (party menu) it says “A Problem Occurred - Feature is currently disabled” and doesn’t show the list or allow me to party up with them. I tried submitting this on but just get the error “We can’t deliver messages to the email address…” no matter what email I enter, and this has been an issue with others in the past based on a quick search. And I was going to post on the Epic Games forum, but it won’t even give me a login window/form. Seriously, Epic, get your **** together. I can’t believe you expect people to pay for games when the level of support is so terrible. I didn’t think it was possible, but it’s actually worse than Steam.

Isnt Fortnite free?