Epic Games Installation Error Code R-1603

Hi I keep getting the error code R-1603 when trying to install Ue4. I’ve tried many of the solutions on this thread and have had no luck.

There is no option on the MSI installer to run as admin either which some users have stated works.

What can I do to get this working? :frowning:


For anyone else that gets this problem… perseverance and a restart seemed to do the job :confused:

Glad you were able to get past the issue. Looks like the UE4 prerequisites were failing to initially install for you. To help us track down the issue, perhaps you can provide us with the logs. When prerequisites install for an engine, the install logs are saved to %localappdata%\temp. Just navigate to that folder in windows file explorer and find the most recent few log files that start with “UE4_Prerequisites”. Then just zip them up and attach them to the thread.