Epic Games at PAX East 2014

Hey everyone!

Some of us from Epic will be at PAX East showing Unreal Engine 4. We’re hoping everyone who will be at the conference will stop by and say hi and see all the latest toys.

On that note, who out there in the community is planning to attend PAX East this year? Let us know by posting here.

Coming to PAX Australia? :smiley: Would love that, last year was great and fully packed! Get more Australians on in this great engine!

I’ll be there!

I will be at east, looks like team will have the VR museum ready in UE4 in time, for the college booth.

I’ll be there at the Epic booth.

Michael Noland

Why is nothing happening in Canada. :frowning:

I’ll be there! Hopefully can be at the booth :).

I don’t think I have seen a time when the VR museum hasn’t been used at the booth outside of setup time before 9AM