Epic games assets pack UE4

Hi i have problem with city park enviroment collection. When i launched showcase map, meshes, textures doesnt work. When i put meshes on the landscape well look on the photos. Materials and textures doesnt work for some reason and i need help because i wanted to learn how to create realistic maps etc and i want to have example.

Do you get any messages in the message log when you start the project or load the level? - I think there might be a plug-in required to load this project. You also need to enable the global clip planes mentioned in the red message in the middle of your screen. There may have been another message. You can open the log under Window -> Developer Tools -> Message Log

When i enter on the level no i dont have any log messages. I dont know how enable clipl planes i dont have it in my options. There is one interesting thing that i spotted. on the right on this park enviro is wirtten Create project but on the left is written add to project every addon, enviro i add to game by add to project is working but when i click create project there always doesnt work. I dont have add to project on park collection

Some marketplace content are projects and will need to be created as a new project. You can then migrate assets to other projects. I would try to create a new project from the launcher. If it doesn’t work then tell us what exactly doesn’t work. And because it is a large project it may take a very long time for the textures to appear when you open it for the first time. Can be an hour or longer.