Epic Games are the BEST!

Epic Games is the most awesome, excellent wonderful games company in the world! :smiley: <3 (Im drunken, but its true!) xxx

There are so many things that I think are fantastic about Epic Games. They are truly living up to their name.

If you have something that you think is great and fun and cool about Epic Games and Unreal Engine 4, you can post it here, if you want to. :o

I’ll have what he’s having. Kudos for the post.

Does drunkeness increase Epic’s awesomeness?
Or is it the same sober?!


Then I prefer living drunk! =)

+1. I certainly hope that they reward their employees.

Just don’t reward them until the programming is done!!! :wink:

Truly are amazing. No company does it like Epic. One of a kind.

1 request tho…

Give me Fortnite access! Sick of drawling over the gameplay videos



i like this engine a lot there is lot of feature that another engine won’t be