Epic Games and Unreal Engine at GDC 2017!

It’s hard to believe, but the 2017 Game Developers Conference is almost here! This year, Epic’s annual trip to San Francisco will deliver a first-hand look at the all the new tools and features Unreal Engine is bringing to developers while showcasing the amazing content our partners have been producing across all major platforms.

If you’re a developer, we hope you’ll attend our annual ‘State of Unreal’ opening session and swing by our booth so that we can help with anything Unreal-related you wish to know. Our team will be on hand to share ideas, answer questions and listen to your feedback. We’re also hosting a variety of learning sessions in our booth, through partner activities and as part of the official GDC program so that you can come away both informed and entertained.

The Unreal Engine GDC Education Summit is also returning to San Francisco and you are invited to attend our annual event that is open to educators for free.

The 2017 summit will feature a keynote address by Epic Games’ Marc Petit, general manager of the Unreal Engine enterprise team, which supports many industries from aerospace (NASA) to automotive (BMW). Learn how Epic is helping companies innovate, and hear about the increasing range of opportunities available to those with skills in Unreal. Epic recruiter, Emily Gabrian, will present the Epic Games Internship Program and outline what educators and students will need to know to apply.

Over the course of GDC we’ll be streaming feature demos and a special Thursday Unreal Livestream straight from our booth. So tune in over at Twitch

Get all the details of what you can expect from Epic Games at GDC 2017 in our blog post.

See you there!

Ok, now I really want to a closer look at how Robo Recall is using all of those physical animation component/constraint profiles. I’m also interested in what didn’t have time to show. I want to see both of those in content examples for sure(volumetric cloud painting in VR). It was also nice to see RBF being used on a Paragon character, was it also driving morphs based on pose or rather Pose Space Deformations? (ok, it was fixing shoulder snakes) It certainly looked like it was being prepped as a Content Example, wishful thinking?

What was the deal with 3lateral? I wasn’t clear on whether that was something they’re bringing to UE4 or if it was just their own internal project?

Pretty EPIC day overall.

the modelling tools and the audio engine was highly inspiring!! all the talks kept me smiling like its xmas as a kid. thx and team!

Will any of the booth demos be streamed like last year? I’m especially interested in the 2D fluid simulation explanation, but pretty much all of the talks are interesting.

wasn’t a similar GDC stream mentioned for Friday also ?

or was I just dreaming? lol :rolleyes:

I wonder if you guys have recorder the speech about Battle Breakers pipeline… :stuck_out_tongue:

Well you can grab all the source and content as part of the mod kit on our launcher :slight_smile:

That demo was just driving bones, but could just as easily drive morphs. Not sure there are plans for a Content Example at the moment, but that would be a good idea…

Currently it is just a demo of their tech, using our engine. We are very excited about it though, as a way to bring high-quality facial rigs to more people. We plan to continue talking with them.

Is there any word on when things like ambient occlusion decals and FFT bloom will be implemented? Are these 4.16 features or more distant?

Also, the demo that was doing with the water, is it going to be released? I think Shelley might have said it was in the content examples, but I couldn’t find that specific level he was demoing.

Many Thanks James. Now if I could just figure out how you’re keeping the feet from going nuts with physical animation. Something to do with changing the collision response from ignore to block depending on the physics state? Blending physics weight in and out dynamically?

@jamesG do you know if the modkit will be available in the unreal launcher on mac? want to look at the project too but don’t have rift or windows.

Apparently, there is a Post-GDC briefing tomorrow in Shoreditch, London being hosted by Epic, replete with special guests and free food/drink.

Shame theirs and Tandem Events’ timing on informing me sucks… had I heard about it a week earlier instead of last night, I probably would’ve been able to go. Thanks a lot :mad: