Epic Games Account Support == Fortnite-only now?

I know this isn’t the right place for it…but it’s getting to be ridiculous…

So, the basics here. I just wanted to change my email address from my Epic Games Account. Seems like there shouldn’t be any issues. But, when you go to change it (doesn’t matter from where, either Epic Games or Epic Games ) it’s greyed out. With a stop sign cursor.

Okay, that’s cool, whatever, I’ll contact support and have them change it. I vaguely remember having to do this a long time ago, so it shouldn’t have been a problem. Or so I thought…

At first, I was taken aback, I was like WTF… Then I realized that this was sent to “Player Support” after the reply came back that they couldn’t help me:

So of course my first thought was freaking Fortnite again. There was some back and forth, with me trying to get sent to the right person who *COULD *assist me. Let’s just say I was getting a bit testy by this time, as you can read in my reply:

Okay, so whatever, “Player Support” can’t help me…fine. But there’s no “Unreal Engine 4 Developer Support”

This page: Visit Unreal Engine Support for Help and Customer Service - Unreal Engine doesn’t do me any good. But it tells you to use :

Which takes you back to where I had originally started:

Which if you click on Unreal Engine, you are just going to be infinitely looping. So have fun with that.

Anyway, so of course, I double checked that I had properly submitted a ticket…

And I actually sent that in… to get this reply from someone new…

Like seriously… what the heck is going on here. We’ve been asking for a clear distinction between UE4 Dev Accounts and Fortnite Accounts for ages for a great number of reasons. But now…we can’t even get proper support as UE4 devs…

You can’t do that by yourself because they got hacked some time ago.
Some people even had their accounts used for fraudulent purchases at Marketplace…

We temporarily removed the ability for individuals to change the email addresses associated with their accounts due to security concerns. A resolution to this limitation is in the works.

Your issue has been escalated and someone will reach out to you to get your account taken care of. Apologies for the runaround. We’re also working with the support teams to appropriately address supporting UE devs.

Thanks a lot! Seems like someone’s been in touch already and should be taken care of shortly.

If I could suggest something, maybe at least for now… have separate options for UE4 for Epic Support. Maybe even away from that site completely. But over at the Visit Unreal Engine Support for Help and Customer Service - Unreal Engine site. Then at the beginning of the Support Ticket, attach a prefix [UE4 Dev] or something. Just so there’s a clear distinction between Fortnite and Unreal Devs.


It’s not really a justification but I suppose, seeing the… ahem… stereotypical nature of lost Fortnite posters on these forums, we can only imagine what… hmmm… colorful messages Epic must be swamped with on a daily basis.

I’ve had to deal with the exact same thing & am still waiting to be able to change it… I wonder when they plan to implement the new system. Also it only takes a few seconds to see if we have ever played Fortnite or not… I haven’t so I don’t know why it has to be so difficult to change details.

What happened to this temporary change for a resolution? Does temporary now mean over half a year? Seems like Epic Games needs to hire some more staff members to work on this stuff. I’m still waiting to be able to change my email.