Epic Game Store Backend Features?

EDIT: Seems like epic has released their roadmap.

Store has just begun…
When Steam started they were even more limited than Epic’s Launcher; what made Steam grow in features was the influx of expenders (Valve even quit making games because why bother $$$)

Once players inject money buying games we can ask for expansion, API, more features, etc; but right now isn’t the time to tirelessly make comparisons to the largest digital game store which is out there for over 15 years already.

Just remember this: Steam is about to turn 16 years old.

I’m not asking to put these features in now. I am asking if they are planning to ever to add any backend features or is the epic game store just going to be another store front and that’s it? Don’t know why you would assume someone would want them to rush these features now. Seeing epics track record, I am a bit wary that don’t even plan to add anything. As stated by them, they already plan to rely on third party social networks for communication for games, not saying I this a problem. Really just asking what plans they have for the future since there isn’t much information, atm.

I was talking about the general public comments, expecting this store to launch already bigger and better than Steam.

And again, isn’t the time to ask for a backed api just yet, too early, but… On the other hand the Unreal marketplace they built is already years old yet lacking a ton of basic features.
If you consider the years they’re taking to make this small marketplace something usable from that pov the future isn’t bright; in this case come back by 2028 to check how things are going.

Hopefully they are more serious about the game store tho, hopefully…

Please, Epic Games, cooperate with Gamesparks and other backend providers now for an easy e.g. player authentication.

Gamesparks was bought out by amazon. Their live services are good for simple mobile games but not really used for games that need prediction. At least from my experience with them.

Epic has also announced their cross platform service free for developers. This is what I was looking forward to.


Yep, I was expecting to see it in around a year from now;
Looks like they’d have read your post :wink:

Wow… that’s great news.
Gamesparks was the best solution I found after googling for about 5 minutes, so I mentioned it.

But online services from Epic Games directly sound even a lot better, because Gamesparks doesn’t really look developer friendly.
I am looking very forward to the authentication, cloud-save and database solutions. :smiley:

If you were to launch a new game via Epic store now, what are the options for back end services? Are their any good choices?