Epic Game Launcher says it already installed and will not run

attempting to install epic game launcher and get the error message “Identical Version of Epic Game Launcher already installed. to proceed uninstall existing version.” I’ve deleted every file related to epic i can find and am still getting this error message when attempting to install the launcher

having the same exact issue, deleted every thing that starts with “epic” on both my drives. Must have something to do with today’s update but fortnite needs to fix their ■■■■.

After I had already cleared ever kind of Epic Games download I had thought I had, I guess there was some left. Use this tool to go through and find the leftover Epic Games launcher. It worked for me, good luck.

i had the same problem but here is how i fixed the problem. first i opened up task manager and i closed all windows installer task. then i unintallrd my nvidia graphics drivers and nvidia app or install things next to it. then i restarted my computer and reinstalled nvidia graphics drivers and perform the clean install by checkeing the button before hitting install. after that i opened the epic installer and it worked fine from there.