Epic Game launcher not showing download size

First of all, I couldn’t the appropriate forum to post this question so I did here. Sorry about that.

My question is, why doesn’t the launcher not showing Download size. Be it game or update. Only the download speed, write speed, read speed etc. This feature was available before and was removed after the update it introduced the Stats View. Please bring bring back the feature.

Not meaning to hijack this thread but I wondered the same thing myself just now. Also the stats window doesn’t seem to work properly either. I started FortNite downloading and task manager showed the launcher maxing out 4Mb/s odd of bandwidth but the ‘Download’ graph was showing much less, and often zero.

Also: Just reloaded the launcher to resume it and for several minutes it has been doing something - writes and ‘operations’ but no downloading. Is that normal? Heh. :slight_smile:

I would also like to know what’s happening with this, Everytime I have to update Fortnite, it has no indication of how big the update size is. I have unlimited internet but I’d like to know how long it takes to download so I can either wait 10 min or go do something else while it’s downloading.

Why no one can reply? Its annoying af not to know how much time it will need or at least what the size is. Is it really that hard to add this “feature” which has been here for ages? Bump ffs

I’d very much like to know this myself. Unfortunately I do not have unlimited bandwidth or HDD capacity, thus knowing how big a file is, be it an update or install, is quite important to me.