Epic Game Launcher Library > Vault should have more options to organise

The vault containing your purchased content lacks browsing features. I have a lot of items there (500+) and it has become very difficult to look for the correct content I want to use. There is only an option to search input field and a Filter by Category.
What would help is:

  1. an option to sort on last purchased
  2. an option to search on purchased from and date
  3. more advanced search criteria like when browsing the market place for these items. It contains tag searches as well but the Vault does not have this option.
  4. option to search for assets INSIDE these assets like e.g. searching on chair gives a list of all items containing a chair. Or search on helmet and you get all assets that has a hat in it, even when it is not in category “Props” but there is a hat in a purchased content labeled category “Environment”. I have lots of purchased content and manually browsing through all of is almost impossible and something the search engine could to better than me by e.g.:
    - scanning the content of the sources and indexing it using a full text search engine (either local or accessible on an Epic search server)
    - having an option for content creators to type in what assets are in the actual project
  5. an option to see where the content will be written to when you add it to a project. When the project is big containing 100 packages, it is very difficult to see what directory it was put in. Would be great to see it in the Vault so you do not have to look for it yourself but rather just know where it is in your project when you added it.

Any option to browse through your purchased content would be an improvement.

Thanks for reading until the end,


I have been calling from the beginning that if you have more assets, it is very difficult to use the launcher - i have almost 300. If you add most of the assets that are free to at least look at them, they will stay there forever. You can’t hide or filter them … nothing… I even wrote feedback back in the beginning. But obviously it “has no priority”… For years…

Example: It would be great to be able to tag assets from marketplace in your vault and based on the tag to be able to filter.

But I no longer have illusions.

btw: funny thing is… if you want to look for something in your vault, you have to wait for it to load. Otherwise it will not appear there. And loading a large number of your purchased or added assets is quite slow. So many times I didn’t even know if I was typing the word wrong … And if I need to look for animation that is part of another project (for example a blueprint), the default category confuses me and they don’t help me at all

I usually have to wait first and after that go through them all and orient myself according to memory (whether it was before Paragon characters, or Megascan assets, etc.)

The point is - I try to use the vault minimally as possible.

Great. Today I was looking in the Launcher for two projects from Epic games - a learn kit with a green doll as from a fairy tale - basically the same graphics, one for C ++ and one for blueprint. I don’t remember the name.

Did I find it in my library? No. Why? Because if I used filters where there is no “learn” filter and if I use “Epic content” filter, even though it’s from Epic games, I won’t find anything … And again, I would have to go through everything … completely the icon after the icon.

Eventually I had to go to the store and find Epic games projects …

For me, the library is an unusable mess.

I have 946 assets in my vault and my library tab is very laggy. While the category filter helps a bit, some categories still have too many assets. If I forgot the name of the asset, finding it is extremely difficult. We desperately need some kind of tagging system. We also need a sorting option to help find new assets that we bought.

To help me search and sort my assets, I actually created a manager app that helps me find the assets that I want. Current it only has search by tags and sorting function as that’s already enough for my use case. Check it out if you are interested.

But basic features like this should be built into the launcher…


Hello! I am super new to this kind of program, and can’t quite figure out how to install it! Any help would be much appreciated!

Nice, does anyone know the max assets you can have in the launcher? I have like 995 and I heard 1,000 was the max? If I need a 2nd account that is going to make it even harder to find my assets. I had to write my own asset program to keep track of mine and even then it’s like you said it should be already part of the launcher. I wish we could just hide assets we know we aren’t going to use for a long time in the launcher. I’ll check out your asset manager :slight_smile:

Very Nice project !
But I don’t know how to install it and use it > No Wiki page !
Is it possible to index asset adding keywords and description ?

Just casting my vote for more functionality from the Library browser. I greatly appreciate all the content available to us from Epic, but as I keep adding assets it’s becoming more and more unmanageable to find what I need. I’ve taken the step of creating my own folder system with titles and just screenshots of each asset so I can quickly browse through by a more logical sorting method. I wish this was built into the library itself.

Made a simple app to allow sorting of your vault and notifications of which products need updating. Hopefully this is just a temporary solution until Epic adds features like these. My main motivation was for the update notifications. When you get an update notification in the Launcher you have to manually scroll looking for an Update button. With my app you can sort by updates available. You can also add tags and descriptions to each product.

Note: Current max products is 2000, this can be increased if needed.

delebash/unreal_vault_organizer: Organize your Unreal Vault via tags, advanced search options, notification of updates for assets (github.com)