Epic free content as part of submittion

Hi! Is it allowed to use free packages as part of submission projects to fulfill submission project scene?

@MaksimsŽigunovs No, we do not accept submissions that contain content from either the monthly free or permanently free collection. However, you are welcome to use any of the Epic Games created content to assist with the presentation of your submission.

If you have any specific example or even general questions, please submit a support case here and we will be happy to help.

What if I will put something like “for this pack you need to install ******** pack” or “********* is needed for this pack” and will not attach the free pack?

@MaksimsŽigunovs You are welcome to create it in such a way that it works well with other existing Marketplace products; however, it must be able to stand completely on its own. You cannot require a product to rely on another Marketplace product unless you own the other product as well or the other product is a plugin that is available for free on our Marketplace (for example, the Substance plugin).

All packs will be needed for my project are free and available on the Marketplace, but they are assets, not plugins.