Epic folder allocates huge space

I have an Epic folder space allocation problem which makes UE4, v. 4.26, unusable.
This afternoon I received a “Not enough disk space” message from my computer, a MacBook Pro '15 2018.
I checked and it was true: I had only 6 GB available out of 350 GB total, the HD would be 512 GB but it is partitioned. I found the ~ / Library / Application Support / Epic folder was 174GB. I then proceeded to uninstall UE4 and the Epic Launcher, also manually deleting from the Library: Unreal Engine, com.epicgames, etc…
Unfortunately, this caused an unexpected error in my system as the space I deleted, almost 200 GB, is still occupied and I have to reinstall the entire OS to fix it. I talked to Apple for an hour and they couldn’t give me another solution.
Why does the Epic folder allocate so much space? Is there any way to avoid it?
It is important that I solve this step because otherwise I cannot complete my work, even with a new installation I will have the same problem if I cannot prevent the Epic folder from absorbing the entire space of my HD.

I hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance for your attention.

Time to buy a new hard drive, I’m afraid. That’s not really an extreme size.

I’m pretty conservative with my use of assets and the engine, and I’m still using 800GB.

Something you can do is remove the local copy of assets from the launcher after installing them to a project ( clears the vault ), but UE will like to keep space for cached shader compilations etc, and you have to let it do that.

Thank you for your answer! I thought so too but I wanted to have confirmation of this. I reinstalled the OS and created a partition to install Epic Games and Unreal Engine, this to prevent that my computer “freezing” free space. Am I wrong to install it on a partition?

I was surprised by all this space because we are talking about a very small ArchViz: three rooms. I think are its size, I was forced to use full scale because I had problems with some small objects created in sculpture mode - Blender: they disappeared once imported into the UE. I noticed that the mesh was too tight, in fact, enlarging them they reappeared.

I thought I could work with my HD and just move the finished project to my external hard drive. The project is only 22GB.

So to solve the problem I was thinking of buying a WD My Cloud Home Duo 4T and dedicating 2T only for the EU and the other 2T to my projects.

I would like to know, once the project is finished, can I trash the caches by saving the project only? I am still a beginner and I would not want to lose everything.

If instead it were necessary to always a copy of everything: how many terabyte would be needed?

Using a partition is fine, of course. But, if it’s anything like Windows, UE will probably sneak stuff into the system area.

If you are going to buy a new drive, get an SSD. It’s so worth it, especially for something like UE.

Keeping the project is all you need. If you were to format your drive, then reinstall UE, the restore the project from backup and open it, it would work. You would just have to wait for 500 years while shaders compile…

Thanks for the perfect explanation. I’ll definitely buy an SSD.
Yes, the shaders, it’s still completing from an hour…