Epic Flying Demo Camera Lag Option Causes Jitter/Stutter

Epic Flying Demo Camera Lag Option Causes Jitter/Stutter on the ship when you play in editor. I set this in blueprint in the spring arm settings that the camera is attached to.

Is there a work around for this? I really like the effect that it produces (minus the shaking of course).

I’m guessing that this is a bug?

Hi NickZucc,

I attempt to reproduce what you’re seeing but I haven’t been able to get your results.

I enabled my SpringArm camera lag and rotation lag. I set the Lag Speed to 45 and the Rotation Lag Speed to 30.

Could you list your setting or post a screenshot of them?

Thanks for trying. I made a brand new project using the flying blueprint. I then enabled the lag options on the spring and that was all I had to do to cause the problem. The problem is the ship mesh jitters. …everything camera wise is good. Would you like a video to see the problem?

Sure, if you could that would be great.

TJ, I went to make a video after some changes I was making in a map of mine and UE4 crashed on me. When I restarted the problem was no longer present. I have added a custom mesh to a map of mine that I am working on and every now and then there is a very slight (the problem before was rather extreme) jitter and it very rarely happens…not sure if it is really even worth making a video at this point.

Thanks for your help on this, I hope this doesn’t show up again…I’m still wishing this slight jitter of the mesh wasn’t happening but it is at least passable for right now. If worse comes to worse would you be able to advise on how to recreate this type of set up in blueprint or point me to some resources to do so? Thanks!

I found a new piece to this jitter problem, it is showing up really bad when I use the play in “stand alone game” option. I made a video of this with the problem on the map that I have made changes to and I also checked this in the default start up flying project and it had the same issues. Can anyone check this on their end? Thanks!

Vimeo Video Of The Problem


(How do you embed video on this site?)

I have this problem too. I was trying to narrow down what is causing it. I think it is vsync related or too many vsync’s enabled. For some reason when I enabled vsync in the console command it wouldn’t go away but in the ini file as a stand alone game then it was very smooth. Not sure if this happens only for flying objects because I didn’t notice it with humanoid characters walking.

I reproduced what looks to be the exact effect you are seeing by playing while the level was still building in the background. You said above that it stopped happening after you restarted after the crash.

Could you make sure that your level is completely built and retest it once it is finished?


I completely built my level (built all) and then saved my level and I am still getting the same behavior. Works fine in PIE but not in Stand Alone. Thanks again for your continual help on this.

Could you post a screenshot of the entire Details panel for the SpringArm and your Components panel? I looped in another developer, this seems to be a new issue.

Sorry for the delay. Here are the settings that I have.

I still can’t get your results. But since this is happening in the template project as well, could you post your dxdiag?

To find it, just go to the Start Menu and type dxdiag into the search bar. If you are on a Mac just post your hardware specs.

Thanks again for looking into this!

Here is the saved off DxDiag

It’s not a problem, you’re very welcome.

It could have something to do with running UE4 on a laptop. Not saying laptops aren’t supported, just sometimes we see some performance hitches with them.

Check to see if you are running some sort of energy saving software like Nvidia Optimus. Optimus will move the processing to your on-board video card when it determines that you aren’t using enough to run your Nvidia graphics card. We have had users in the past say that this is what has caused lagging and glitching issues for them.

TJ, I went into the bios and double checked to make sure that the Nvidia Optimus was disabled. There was some settings for the Intel processor to conserve power at times, so I disabled that as well.

But unfortunately the mesh stutter is still happening in game. (My fear is that when I go to cook my final game this is the performance that will be happening.)

The other thing to note is that I am a faculty member for a University and in our program we have gone the laptop route (fairly powerful laptops) so the students can work at school, home, bus…you name it. I would love to get more powerful workstations but it just isn’t in the cards for our program.

If we have to go the laptop route, is there a configuration that Epic would recommend moving forward? Thanks again,

At the moment nothing official, but we understand that many of our users are running UE4 on laptops. So our developers are looking into this and hopefully we will have something to telling everyone soon’ish.

Could we have someone look into this issue again please? This is definitely not a laptop graphics adapter issue as I am running an AMD Radeon R290X and I am getting the same issue.

Additionally here is another user reporting the same issue →

It happens with the UFO demo and with a custom built project using our own vehicles both in the editor and with fully cooked builds. The jittering happens as soon as you enable camera lag.

Here is what I have found so far… The issue is worst for me when camera lag is turned on and I have something else running that is utilising the video card (like a HD video in VLC, an active YouTube video etc). As soon as I close these applications the issue is dramatically reduced but not eliminated. For reference I find it easier to see using a camera and rotation lag speed of 50.

Whilst I appreciate that running things in the background is going to affect the performance I can quite happily do these things with other engines and games without issue. I can also do it with Unreal Engine as long as I don’t use the spring arm :wink:

Please can you continue to investigate this issue?

Hi Jack,

I should be able to test this further very soon. We’ve noticed that this issue is happening on some laptops or PC’s running Radeon cards. I am going to be changing my Nvidia out for a Radeon card and will testing this again.

Just to note, I have a dell laptop with an Nvidia K 5100.

I just installed the exact same Radeon card and couldn’t reproduce the issue in-house. Could you also post your dxdiag? Here is a link on how to find that info if you need it.