Epic - End User License Agreement

Hello everyone,
I have a small problem, I’m not a native english speaker so could understand something wrong.

1A Says that everything created with Epics technology is covered by their license and that I have no rights.

Does that mean that I can create something and Epic Games can yoink it from me?

I don’t want to work with this engine when I have no rights after creating something.

If you don’t follow the EULA then they can revoke your license to use the engine. Everything that you made by yourself is yours to keep you just no longer have the right to use the Engine as it is only licensed for you to use. If you follow the EULA they can’t just revoke your license for no reason for the current Engine version that you are already licensed to use. If they add something to the EULA that you don’t agree with you can reject it and keep your old agreement with the older Engine version.

Other engines do the same kind of licensing of their engine since paying for the rights to an engine is an insane amount of money.

But when creating a game can I do something wrong while making my game? The only thing I could come up with is removing the UE4 logo without permission.

Note that you are not allowed to share anything related to the Editor to anyone that are not a Licensee like play-testers etc. When you make a package of your game the Editor part is not included just make sure that during development you don’t include Editor stuff into your released game.
Also note that you are allowed to share snippets of code up to 30 lines in public forums.

If you have any specific concerns related to your game you should consult a lawyer.