Epic employees using forums to their advantage

It is fantastic to see developers at Epic also using the same forum and answerhub as users. Kudos! It makes me feel more at home & less on edge knowing that it’s a side-by-side venture.

Everybody as always is welcome to pitch in here, but is there anything the Epic developers have on their wishlist from users?

This idea of developers grappling with problems other people have here is not something I want to take for granted; The help provided is much appreciated from every facet of the Unreal Engine community and I’m sure many people would love that to continue.

Thanks now.

Use Unreal Engine and give them all the support they need. If you find a bug, post it on AnswerHUB and for suggestions post here on forums. Show your work and if you find something amazing then share your tips with others. Make tutorials and help Epic to make Unreal Engine the best game engine on this planet.

And finally…eat your vegetables and stay healthy. :slight_smile:

Hey there MrZanni. What Ryanjon said about helping us by reporting all bugs is very true. Also discuss any limitations you encounter; We want to make sure that you never hit a dead end and have to say “Oh well, that’s the way it is”, thus guaranteeing a better editor experience for everyone. Just being on the forums and talking with other users helps the engine community by teaching through sharing your experiences and accomplishments.

Anyway, let us know if you ever need anything.