Epic Dragon World (An open source MMORPG)

This is an open source project for people that want to create their own MMORPG game.
Using .Net Core for the server, UE4 for the client, MySQL for database and socket/packets for networking.
People should be able to learn from this, it is not ment to be a published game, or use payed assets.

The main idea is to keep the existing server and make a new client from scratch.
A basic client for the game was already developed with Unity, but after many bumps, we decided to switch to UE4.
You can see a few development progress videos at…BqKpZn&index=5

Steps that we will follow:
-Networking support.
-Character creation.
-Spawning and movement broadcast.
-Chat with other players.
-Equipping items and inventory.
-NPC interaction and combat.

If you are interested contact us via discord at