Epic doesn´t care

I’m done with Unreal.

After more than 4 years I can count with one hand how many times this useless website has served me of any help. Every single time I post a question and try to document it as much as I can and explain it as clear as water I get zero replies. Specially when most of the issues I have are Unreal crashes related or just the software causing my PC to completely crash and lose hours of work, that just doesn’t happen in Unity wheter you want to accept it or not, it’s a fact. And in case something happens their customer service is ages ahead of you guys.

In the latest project I’m working on, apart from being totally unable to deploy the app to android due to errors that no one seems to know now it freezes my computer when I pull down the Play dropdown so I need to force shut down my PC, I create an new project and the same happens, I uninstall UE and it keeps happening, that´s just frustating and its impossible to work on. After all these years of getting no responses when I had issues I said to myself “this is it”, f^*¨Ç this I can’t be bothered anymore dealing with constant crashes and losing time.

To anyone out there thinking that the community of “evangelists” will help you out, be aware, they do not give a ■■■■ about your problems and how unstable the engine works for consumers like myself.

Note that this is community driven site so if you not get answers here that means no one from community knows answer to your problem