Epic Developer Community FAQ


I want to leave feedback or I hit an issue with something on the platform. Now, what do I do?

If it is a bug or a feature request, click the feedback button on the bottom right on the home page. We may not always get back to you, but we will record your input and take it into account.

If it is something you need input on how to do, or feedback you would like to discuss with others, we recommend you post it in the Feedback section of the forum instead.

Accounts and Migration

Something is wrong with my account?

We have migrated all Unreal Online Learning accounts into the forums & the forum will automatically generate additional account data on the Epic Developer Community. There may be a chance something could have gone wrong somewhere.
Please reach out to us via the Feedback section of the forum.

How do the profile roles, colors and badges work?

There are a few different special profile roles

  • Staff - Blue
  • Hero - Orange

And there are a number of badges - such as “Q&A Sage” for people who have answered many questions on Q&A.

Both of these features are part of a drive to give clear visibility and recognition to key activity and support that occurs within the community.

These features are not yet fully finished. The pages with information are not yet online, and we must currently manually assign each badge and role. Therefore you will currently not see too many profiles with these configured just yet, and it is also the reason why you may be wondering why you have not yet received a certain role or badge for your profile.

Over the course of spring 2022 this will be built out further. In time we will communicate exactly what each badge and role is, when you are eligible for what, and we will retroactively apply badges and roles based on the information we have on past activity (for example who were the Rocket Beta participants or are Marketplace sellers).


What changed in the forums?

We updated the visual styling to match the new Epic Developer Community. We’ve also shifted back to a more traditional forum layout to make it more pleasant and familiar to browse. There is now more extended account/profile functionality to you all to express more personality, and communicate what you have achieved or worked on!


I made a tutorial but I do not see it after publishing it?

The first tutorial you write goes into an approval queue where a moderator will review it, as a spam protection mechanism. This only occurs to your first tutorial, subsequent ones you can write and publish freely.

Your tutorial is most likely still in this queue. You are welcome to reach out to us via the Feedback forum if you are wondering what the status is or need assistance.

On Unreal Online Learning there was a system for learner progression that granted badges upon course completion, are there any plans for something similar here?

We are launching the new community platform with a focus on providing as wide and as easy access to as much learning material as possible, and for this first launch we prioritized functionality to support that over other features such as learner progression.

As the platform matures and functionality is build out further, we hope to return to the topic of learner progression at some point later this year.

What happened to the badges I previously earned on Unreal Online Learning?

We have migrated all Unreal Online Learning badges to the badge system on the forums, so that your badges are kept.

Unreal Online Learning as a platform will also remain online and accessible for a number of months more to allow you to continue to access your activity and achievements via UOL, and we will also periodically migrate new badge updates from UOL to the forums, until the day we sunset UOL.

On top of that we also plan to recognize your UOL-era badge achievement by awarding a special Developer Community Badge to your profile. This will be rolled out later in spring.

Can I still log into Unreal Online Learning?

Yes, you can still login to Unreal Online Learning, complete courses, and earn badges for a limited time. On June 1, 2022, learners will no longer be able to start new courses; however, they can still complete any courses they have begun prior to this date. This transition will continue until August 1, 2022 when the Unreal Online Learning portal will be closed and all learning content will be hosted exclusively in the Epic developer community.

I can’t find back a certain course or video that I know was available on other channels?

We migrated most of the content from the Unreal Engine Youtube channel, and Unreal Online Learning, that we deemed relevant. We did not however migrate each and every piece. There were a few that were either too old or outdated to have come over, or that we felt were not entirely in line with the tutorial & course angle of our Learning Library.

Content that was not migrated remains available on our Youtube channel, and on Unreal Online Learning.

Can I attach files to tutorials, or embed slides or other content?

Right now you can embed images, Youtube and Vimeo videos, and code/asset snippets. We are investigating how we want to approach file uploading and hosting. It is on our roadmap of probable future features that we will explore.

Other functionality, such as slide or PDF support, will be evaluated as time goes by. If you have specific requests or want to put forward arguments as to why we need to support a certain type of content please let us know via the Feedback forum.


Will we be adding visualization to types other than Blueprint and Materials too?

We’d like to. We are working together with Rancoud from BlueprintUE.com - and we’ve discussed extending it to as many of the node based assets we can, but we can’t make any promises just yet.

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