Epic Dev Grant, does my game has to be legally protected before sending any infos about it to Epic?

Epic Dev Grant, does my game has to be legally protected( Copyrights,Trademark…) before sending any infos about it to Epic?

  • Do i have to give back Epic the money after a date?
  • Can i be individual but then make a company and move the game to my company?
    Please if you can answer me.
  • IP protections can be formally registered and they can also generate naturally when the game is created or sold. In any event, the dev grant program doesn’t require formal registration of IP.
  • Dev grants are yours to keep; no need to return them.
  • Dev grants can be to a business entity or to an individual.

That’s correct.

Grants are still awarded regularly; there aren’t any current plans to stop the program.

Please review this page to get a sense of what they want.

So as i understood , i don’t have to register my game?But i can do it with the money of the grant right?
Amazing , i have a game idea , i can’t wait to make it.
Thank’s a lot.

Cool,So how much still left for the grant?Will it end one day?

Amazing,well i am a student now do i have to make a game to get the grant?

I have read it, but the students section i still can’t understand it, it’s said:
““We’d love to see class projects, engine extensions, curricula, tutorials, or any other creative or innovative work related to UE4 and education””"
But what about downloading programs that can help making better 3D models in the engine or like facial animations

I don’t understand what you mean by downloading programs.

I don’t think using third party software along with UE4 to develop a prototype would preclude you from being eligible for a grant.

Let’s say that someone made a game but he wanted it to be super realistic so he needed an extra program to do so like iclone 6 or Faceshift or something

Cool thank’s a lot for your help and sorry for all of these detailed questions.