EPIC could let verified users fill in the documentation

Some of the information on the documentation is blank and some has very little explanations.

Some tutorial makers have taken quite the time to investigate what things do, and/or have years of professional industry experience and can explain topics and individual nodes very well.

A first step might be to embed all these Mathew Wadstein videos into their respective pages in the documentation.

Hey SigmaGames,

Thank you for providing your feedback. Would it be possible for you to include links to the documentation pages which you are currently experiencing as blank?


I think what SigmaGames want isn’t that you complete some missing documentation part, but ask to change paradigm / philosophy of the company, by allowing its community to take part in the process of documentations (and if it works, maybe some other part of what Epic does could also benefit from group intelligence)

By blank, I mean either almost no information, or no information at all. I found a couple of animation plugins that have no documentation at all:

As for “almost no information at all;” that would be something like this:

Examples of usage would be a great addition and that is where the advanced users of the community could pitch in. Think of it as micro-tutorials.

You put better words to this than I could. Yes, exactly like that. We can’t expect EPIC to know what we need to know. Hence, their tons of generous work can be a hit or miss. Perhaps a link to discussions about specific things might be a way forward?

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I agree that community collaboration on docs shuld be made much easier. I don’t think exposing docs editing is the way to go but it would be enough if we had a chance to do something like pull requests, extensions or comments on specific pages. Or if there was something like mirrored docs hierarchy to some comunity wiki where community could easily extend the docs and offical docs conained some link to community version of every page/topic. Something along these lines, does not need to be exactly what I mentioned.

Yes I agree, the way of implementing it still need thinking about moderation, and the way it is setup, so it can work fine. I wasn’t thinking about full editing of all page open to everyone without account/ip secularization. It is impossible with a community that isn’t in the same open-source philosophy mindset (and even then, there is sometimes debate that need to take place away from the page).