Epic Collect data question


In my logs, I’m seing calls to :
Can we know exactly what type of data you are collecting?


avira antivirus has just deleted survey_index.json :slight_smile:
saying its a TR/Dropper.Gen

i too would like to know what info they collect

I do expecting the engine reports back to Epic. But I also think we’d like to know what information are being send to Epic from the engine.

Remember you have source code, you can just see what that does. And if im not mistaken, its to send crash info to Epic when the editor crashes.

By default it’s crash report data as well as general usage, hardware and performance statistics. You can turn this off in the editor’s preferences though. It also sends data about which tutorials and subsystems are used so we can focus our efforts. Of course you guys have the full source code so you can see all of the events yourself. This data is really helpful to us to help improve the editor performance and reliability, and also to figure out which features are most commonly used.


Why do you have a thread officially collecting data people write there by hand if the engine collects it automatically?

If you are referring to hardware performance survey it actually helps community members when they have performance issues or want to build up a new system to use the engine.

That’s of course true :slight_smile: I thought Epic uses that data too.

Thanks for the answer but don’t those data should be anonymous?

I understand that you are requiring Data to find the usage, what people are lokoing for, etc… and it’s good for all at the end, but why is it link to “User ID”?


It is not actually linked to your account, only the launcher has your account info not the editor. When they receive a crash report or usability data it contains info relating to the version of the editor and other pertinent info, but in order for Epic to know who sent the report they would need to be notified on AnswerHub or here by the user providing the crash ID that gets sent.

The only bit of info on you would be your IP address as the server receiving the data would log it with the date/time in the same way all websites do when you access them.

By the way, if you’re a developer, and you want to know what’s going on on the network on your machine, run, don’t walk, to download the Wireshark tool (and the WinPCap library that goes with it.)
This is a very high-quality network protocol analyzer that lets you break packets down by connection, content, protocol, etc, and see what’s in them.