Epic Citadel Equivalent for UE4


I think it would be really awesome and very helpful if there was a version of epic Citadel made in UE4, and optimized to have identical performance to the UDK version. I’m not even looking for better visuals- just equivalent frame rate and responsiveness on the same hardware.

I have an iPad 2 and the Citadel test runs so smoothly with no FPS slowdown on any part of the castle or scene. I’ve tried several of the included sample games for UE4 on my iPad 2 and the only one that gives a decent frame rate is TappyChicken.

I guess what i’m asking is to see if there is a way to dramatically scale back the engine so we could have UDK type performance on the iPad 2 and greater. There are a lot of us out here with legacy devices that are still quite useful and would like to be able to create full 3d apps that look decent and run smoothly.

My main interest is developing for the iPad 2 and greater. But as it stands, its seeming that the only thing i’ll be able to do is run 2d sprite games like Tappy Chicken on it.

I don’t want to go back to Unity even though the off the shelf demo (Angry Bots) runs smoothly on the iPad2. I really love UE4, and especially the blueprint visual scripting interface.

So can someone give me some hope as to if we will see better iOS performance in general any time soon???

Thanks for all of the hard work Epic.

Just port it over to UE4, I did and it runs like a dream. You have to rebuild all the materials, but the assets can be exported or extracted with umodel_win32](

Excellent, I believe this qualifies as "hope’. Thanks :wink:

I have to be honest here, I’m not an expert in UDK or UE4 so it’s probably not likely that I know what the exact settings on the materials should be to achieve performance close to the UDK version on my iPad 2.

Indeed, I’ve been investigating Tappy Chicken, and while I understand the basics of how it works, there are discrepancies with the material settings, and what the documentation has to say about mobile texture settings.

For example, in the documentation, this is listed as the available texture compression settings:

But in the actual game with the default settings, all of the textures are using TC_VectorDisplacementmap:


Then I went and looked up TC_VectorDisplacement map and we don’t have any info in the documentation regarding that setting:

Basically what i’m saying is all of the required texture, lighting and material settings are sort of fuzzy. It’s not totally clear to me what all we need to do to get the ultra best performance on iOS especially regarding older models like my iPad2.

Is there anyway you can upload your port somewhere so I can download it and examine it? That would go a long way towards helping me and others learn about what our material settings and game settings need to be to get the best possible performance of UE4 on older devices such as the iPad 2, and in general make our games more available to a wider audience. The iPad AIR is expensive so there are a bunch of us stuck with earlier generations of this tablet.

Any help is greatly appreciated!! Thanks for the reply.

No, unfortunately I can’t because it’s illegal.
Epic citadel is covered by UDK licensing, (which I have) and therefore it can’t be shared to non UDK licensees. Even if you have a license, I’m pretty sure the EULA of UDK forbids it.
It boils down to if you want this stuff in UE4, you have to put the man hours in to extract it and set it up. You could never use it commercially unless you had a UDK license too, ( completely unrelated to UE4)
Correct me if I’m wrong moderator guys :slight_smile: