@Epic can I get an answer

I see you are enforcing the move everything into wip forum that isnt submitted, as you can see things are already mixed and lost in there and it is a big crowded mess of **** . I dont get why if it is going to be released on the marketplace why it can not be gauged on the marketplace forum. the WIP forum is ridiculous for that as i mentioned earlier it is already a jumbled mess in there.

I dont want a mod reply I would like AN epic reply,

instead of making a subforum for it int he markteplace forum you are trying to force people to use wip so we go int here to see whats new and get hit int he face with a bunch fo threads about peoples up coming games that not every one has time or wants to read through to reach what they want.

its ridiculous how things are ran in the forums here man. I spend a lot of time on forums and that is what made me SPEND money on the marketplace is by seeing what was coming and not having to go through a ridiculous amount of threads to find out.

It belongs into the feedback section as it’s a kind of feedback :wink:
We already discussed the thing with the WIP threads and we decided that atm we wont move any more threads from the marketplace into the WIP section as long as they have a “WIP” in the title or somewhere in the thread

Also keep in mind to not use any swear words so that the discussion will stay civil! :o

I moved the thread to Feedback for Epic section as the question was directed to Epic staff.

no cuz i spend a lot of money on the marketplace and making a game i cant see if i can get something off marketplace or if i got to do it myself and since I work and I am on mobile most of the time it is hard really hard to sift through WIP

I said **** last tiem i checked [REDACTED] is nto a curse word lol

Ah ok, no problem, I just thought that it was a swear word because of the “***” signs :slight_smile:
Hopefully everything about the thing with the WIP section is clear now, otherwise one from epic games will surely reply to this thread.
Also make sure to check out the thread that zeOrb posted. There is already a discussion + official statements -> so it would be good to continue the discussion there so that everything stays at one place :wink:

i cant find all the threads, that is the issue abot the marketplace items being pushed to wip cuz i cant find nothing in there, i am on mobile most the time and its hard to organize since this isnt the most mobile friendly site out there vb has never really been super mobile friendly

Yep, that’s true. :slight_smile: Epic will surely find a good solution which will be suitable for you and the other community members. e.g I personally would just create a sub-section in the marketplace section where everybody can post their WIP threads -> then you can find everything in the right section + it’s much more organized (because people also dont want to search through a list of marketplace wip threads before they find a support/submitted thread)

Hey Uprentiss,

I do apologize for the confusion with this particular topic. We are discussing this and trying to find a good solution for the issue that was brought up. Right now, as the mods have said, we are going to continue to keep the WIP threads in the WIP section with a Marketplace tag. When we have a firm policy on this we will address the forums with it. Until then, the mods are acting in accordance with the rules currently laid out. If you have any questions or concerns about this, feel free to PM one of us.



Does this community have any input in what happens in these forums or not? If the answer is no then I’ll drop all my complaints. Threads are being locked left and right. Threads are being moved north and south. And not ONE single time has community input been asked for nor has it been accepted when provided to you over the past week. Now maybe myself and plenty of other posters are making the mistake in thinking that we have a say in this or that our input is valued.

If our input doesn’t matter one way or the other then let us know so we can get out of your hair and stop the drama.


The community absolutely does have input and has given quite a lot of input that we are now looking into. The reason threads are being locked is due to toxic behavior and fighting. I will say again. We are watching these posts very closely and have taken this and private messages from community members into account as we make this decision. If you wish to have a discussion about this you are welcome to it but we will not tolerate the finger pointing and fights we have been seeing in these threads. If you would like specifics on this you can PM me.

Thank you.


All that’ll do is muddy up the game WIP’s, just have a marketplace WIP sub-section. Nice and simple…!

Yes, hopefully that is what will happen. I know some people (I.e. the ones with admin rights) have been out-of-office for a while, which has delayed things.