Epic bug - Launcher bug deleted everything on my desktop


I’ve never been so upset. I can’t believe what happened here, i’m really chocked about how many bug you can have with UE4…but, this one, is really too much, and i’m not the only one who go it :

I had a little test project on my desktop, i’ve tried to deleted it from the launcher. Then everything else on my desktop (many Excel files for my work and tons of really important files etc).
All gone, hours and hours of work. I’m almost dead thanks to Epic games. It’s really crazy.
I work for a car compagny, due to the covid i had to work at home, now tons of hours of personal work deleted.
All files (not just attached to UE4 or Launcher).

Recuva and other softwares didn’t work, i mean all files was corrupted and no way to repair them (i tried many ways).

All my personal files, deleted by Epic game launcher.
…i just can’t believe what just happened.

EXACTLY the same has happened to me today with 4.27.
Everything on my desktop is gone!!!