Epic at least tell us what version we need to use on your tutorial.

Version 4.3.1
Video: - YouTube (YouTube Channel)
To be more accurate: - YouTube

Problem: There is no such thing as Toggle Visibility not Event Graph its the Level BluePrint I tried search > typed “toggle” > couldn’t find Toggle visibility. Also when I try to create a class of a wallscounce in Event Graphp and got the light setup and everything I did the guy said about box trigger and still the lights won’t get triggered when I walk in/out.


I guess they changed the name of it sometime ago, but is now a node called get/set Visibility. I think when they say toggle they meant you can toggle it by setting the visibility on or off.

The second part I am not sure on, I am creating a different type of game, so I’ll let someone else fill you in on that, but most likely is being caused by the same thing I wrote above. You can then watch for the event to fire from your blueprint. :slight_smile:

Sorry I copied and pasted it from the question I submitted on Epic’s answers subsection. https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/78279/what-version-ue4-is-this-tutorial-video-using.html

I been working on this for three hours and did exactly what the guy did just to fix my mistake again I am using v 4.3.1 and I also did learned concept of Blueprint so not much was wasted. Its just some of what he’s doing isn’t right. Level Blueprint does not have a Toggle Visibility yes I did search, did try to create a get since on Event Graph I was able to not on Level, and then when I try to attempt creating a wallscounce and did what the guy did all the way to box trigger and still couldn’t get the light to turn on/off I’m stuck its been three hours.

Second part is creating class for WallScounce light

I ran into some similar problems when I was going through the video tutorials. It’d be nice if they added some annotations to the videos to explain where things have changed in the current version of the engine.

We have plans to do this or something similar. We just don’t have a set time frame for when it will get done. It will probably be on a series by series basis until we get through them all.

Keeping tutorials up to date and making it clear which version they should work with are definitely things on our radar.