EPIC at FMX, (May 05-08-2015) in Stuttgart Germany

FMX (May 05-08-2015) in Stuttgart Germany

Okay, I’m all packed, see you there if anyone is going? If you would like a couple of beers after the days events the pub opposite FMX is a good start before going off for some grub/beer and then onto the main square (Schloßplatz) which has the large animation projection screens and then onto the after parties and then repeat each day :slight_smile:


The Pub

Got these talks penciled

(Epic Games), Ray Davis & James Golding, Game Engine Content Pipelines: Challenges of Real-Time Entertainment

(Ubisoft) Raphael Lacoste, Art Direction and Image composition in the Open World videogame Franchise Assassin’s Creed

(Activision) Javier Nicolai von der Pahlen, Crafting Predictable Photoreal Realtime Characters

(Digixart) Yoan Fanise, Creating Valiant Hearts: The Great War

(Ubisoft/Autodesk) Alex Horst, 3ds Max Game Cinematics: Ubisoft The Crew

(E-Line Media) Dima Veryovka, Never Alone: The Art and Story of the People

(Autodesk) Robert Coulin (Flame Premium) level up your game

(Hybride) Pierre Raymond, Strategies and Thoughts on Film & Game Convergence: NextGen, the New Reality

(InnoGames) Alexander Raphelt, Oliver Zumstein, Earning your license to kill. How ELVENAR led us to do fast, large-scale R&D

(GFIR) Mark DeLoura, Games and Government: Beyond Entertainment

Panel: Beyond the Hype - What it Really Means to Produce VR Content
Sebastian Sylwan, Rob Bredow (Industrial Light & Magic),
Alex Laurant (HoloLens Experiences, Microsoft Studios),
Kim Libreri (Epic Games),
Mike McGee (Framestore),
Paul Raphaël (Felix & Paul)

These are the talks.