Epic Animation set and Mixamo Characters

So I haven’t dug too deeply into this, but it doesn’t appear as though retargetting an animation from the Epic animations pack works with the Mixamo free asset pack. I figured I’d take a look at the skeletons, and sure enough, it appears as though the are not using the same skeleton. To my knowledge, one of the requirements to submit characters or animations to the Marketplace is that it uses the base TPP skeleton - am I mistaken? Has anyone been able to transfer an animation between the skeletons successfully, without using MotionBuilder / et al?

Epic is aware of this Lina or Tim sweeny posted in another forum that they are working on re targeting solutions and with mixamo for a skeleton that is compatible with the epic skeleton. Mixamo did a live stream on the 10th for the pipleline of mixamo to ue4 but i don’t think it covered the skeleton issue. I also look forward to this solution since so many good animation packs are comeing to market place would be nice to be able to use them with mixamo characters. The epic skeleton applies to us as stated but mixamo has gotten pass the requirements for some reason.

Possibly because they’re not actually charging anything? Whereas, content released by other vendors are.

The models and animations are definitely appreciated, but it leads to fragmentation on the marketplace - after a certain point, the models and animations become less useful as the marketplace grows. It seems as though one of the key principals of the marketplace is to keep things consolidated to the UE environment, and the Mixamo assets don’t fit all that well currently.

For example - if I bought one of the pending animation movement sets that will be available on the marketplace, and found out they were unusable with one of the Mixamo assets, I’d be pretty upset. It might be slightly different if Mixamo offered more animations for UE, but the end result is still the same, fragmentation and a non-modular assets.

Mixamo offer a huge amount of animations - that’s what they do. However, they aren’t offered on the marketplace as of yet (perhaps we’ll see more in the future?). You’ll instead need a subscription to their service, in order to download them (there’s a variety of payment plans for different levels). As such, all of them will work with the Mixamo characters. It’s pretty clear they’ve released this ‘sample’ on the marketplace to entice people in, really. But, I don’t think there’s anything fundamentally wrong with that.

Guess for the time being, it’s best to wait on further developments on retargetting.

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know that Mixamo is aware of this issue and we’re in touch with Unreal. We’re going to be releasing a new download option from Mixamo which will let you download your character with the rig pre-formated for UE4 using the template provided by Epic to keep all assets on the Marketplace consistent. All of our future Unreal packs will utilize this skeleton.

I think that fundamentally, it fragments the eco system, and significantly lowers the value of the assets - of course, only until retargetting gets better.

That’s good to hear. It would have been awesome to have the content pack updated to use the Epic skeleton, as its really a roadblock in using any of the assets in the pack - I can either animate based on the current Mixamo rig, and only use Mixamo animations or the animations for that rig, or use Epic animations and only use Epic models, etc. It’s a decision I need to make decisions early on that have long term implications - one that is pushing me away from Mixamo for the time being, while stuff like this is being worked out.

That being said, thanks for being so responsive and continuing to invest in our growing community! Before actually using your models and animations, I have to admit, I didn’t see the inherent value of what you’re offering; now, after taking an in-depth look into the Mixamo animation store, I have to say, you guys are killing it (especially with the new prices per animation!). I am sure that if animations / packs are released in the future, many UE4 users will find them hugely beneficial. Thanks for all of your hard work!

Awesome, give me an easy pipeline for using your animations with my models and you have yourself a customer.

Any idea on when this will be available? I ended up deciding to rig my character again and this time after Epic’s skeleton so I’d much rather try your auto rigging than doing it by hand again, as long as the TPP skeleton option is available soon.

Keep in mind this is a tentative answer but we expect to have it out in the next two week… Moving forward all of our packs will be based off of the same skeleton, provided by epic, and will be compatible with any other assets on the Marketplace.

We’re also looking at new ways to make downloading multiple animations easier to save everyone time and sanity and while I don’t have a release estimate for that we’re really excited about making it convenient and fast to get all your animations together quickly.
Thanks for the support, guys 'n gals!

this mean that there will be also the option to use your autorig service to create a rig with an UE4 compatible skeleton?

Will this be for the marketplace only or from your site as well? Some have subs to you guys so just curious to how that will work.

Any news on this?

I believe this is being addressed with the new animation targeting in 4.5, as per the most recent Twitch video.

You can already retarget mixamo animations to epic’s skeleton and viceversa. Check this twitch, there is a quick tutorial around minute 32 which shows how to retarget animations between different skeletons.

You need ver 4.5 preview in order to do the re-targeting. If you don’t have it yet, go into your launcher, click the ‘+’ beside the word ‘Engine’ at the top of the ‘Library’ tab, then in the new Slot that was created, click the version number drop down box and choose “Preview” from the list, then it will give you a button to download the 4.5 preview release. Once it is all ready to go, then watch the witch stream video and follow along.

Ver 4.4.3 doesn’t have the re-targeting options, you will need to get the new 4.5 preview. :slight_smile:

Mixamo said in a webinar few weeks ago, that it will be possible to download content from Mixamo with UE4 rig.

In this thread is mentioned.!