Epic Account Temperary Locked For 120 min.. Someone has been trying to get into my account

hi there i dunno what to do about this i have purchased alot of good in marketplace and it seems more lately i have been getting my account locked and there is no direct place to contact support atleast i have not found one… i have tried finding where i would report this to someone at epic but i cant find anywhere on the webpage to actualy email epic games… i am worried about my account and my content… someone help please thanks

Your screwed many of us are getting this and Epic blames users, and ignores all request…I get locked out 3-4 times a day…in the middle of client work and a game, professionally and have to deal with account locked all the time…I have 2FA changed passwords…to ones no one would know…Yet many users are getting this crap and even some hacked completely… Epic choices to blame us and not look into the issues on there end…I hate to bash them, I been using Unreal since the early days of Unreal…before 4, but this is looking like Unity support…for this issue…

Epic fail from epic

getting hacked daily… changed password even 2FA… they just log in…

My account was hacked tonite, they changed my name, I saw an email where they requested to change my email address ? Which Epic said they could not do, I changed my password and setup 2FA , but i am worried how they got my info.