EPIC account login to quixel bridge application

Under the EPIC account, I freely go to the site and the library is available on the site. About 2 weeks ago, when I first installed the application, I immediately logged in through the EPIC account. And now I can’t log into the quixel bridge application under an epic account. What is the problem? (Reinstallation did not help).

ive got the same problem, dont undestand why

I had issues too. Basically clear the cache file. I think you can get to it from quixel by opening the log file.
if not, its nested somewhere inside the Roamong folder.

After deleting the whole folder the program prompts for login and accepts the process again.
I have a feeling the issue may be the 2 factor auth, but I’m not going to disable it jusy to test…

The following helped:

  1. Deleted the bridge.txt file.
  2. I cleaned the following folders:
  • Cache;
  • GPUCache;
  • Local Storage / leveldb.

This just happened to me as well. It was super annoying.
It was all because of some bad data in the Roaming folder.

Just delete the following: