EOSCore:: Epic Online Services for Unreal Engine 4

What is the EOSCore:: Plugin?
Use Epic Online Services (EOS) in UE4




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EOSCore version 1.23 has been submitted, changelog: EOSCore:: 1.23 - eelDev

EOSCore:: version 1.3 has been released, all Epic Online Services interfaces are now implemented and ready to use!

EOSCore:: 1.4 has been submitted!

EOSCore:: 1.5 has been submitted!
The OnlineSubsystem is now available, you can now use P2PNAT (Nat traversal / Nat punchthrough) using the EOS network!

New Docs:
Hosting a game: Hosting a Game / Session (P2PNAT) - eelDev
Connecting to a game:…a-game-p2pnat/
Subsystem configuration: EOSCore:: Online Subsystem - eelDev

EOSCore:: 1.6 has been submitted!
Changelog: EOSCore:: 1.6 - eelDev;base64

EOSCore:: Version 1.6.1 is now live!

EOSCore:: Updated once again!
Recent changelogs & Updates:…unreal-engine/

You can now also **Invite **& **Join **your friends!…-your-friends/

EOSCore 1.7.2 is now out, adding Android support!
Changelog: EOSCore:: 1.7.2 - eelDev

Hi @huklen , I’ve been following your progress for quite sometime now and I was hoping to see video tutorials. I’m a audio/visual guy so a lot of text documents isn’t really my thing lol. Any plans for videos please?

Hey there, I have no plans on making video tutorials becuase they get outdated pretty fast and it’s a pain to keep them up to date.
I have a example project that you can download here: EOSCore:: - eelDev

@huklen Thank you for your fast response.
Shame, but I totally understand you. I’m experiencing that myself with my MGS.
Thank you for the link :slight_smile:
All best of luck

Version 1.7.5 has been submitted!

Version 1.8.0 is now live!…unreal-engine/

EOSCore:: has been submitted, bringing **Mac **support to EOSCore::

The Plugin is now on a 20% sale!

EOSCore is now on a 30% sale!

EOSCore 1.9.0 is now available!
Updated for EOS SDK 1.13 adding Voice Chat feature!

Plugin is now on a 30% sale!