Eon shell (wip)

I’d like to share with U guys our little project me and my friend are currently working on. As a team of 2 developers we made a gameplay episode of many coming in future.
We can’t spend much time on it due to fulltime jobs so any contribution or advices, help etc. will be appreciated a lot. Here is a link where U can find updates about our little treasure:

**Now about the game:

The Plot:**
Events take place in the distant future when humanity learned to separate consciousness from the body and move it to various kinds of machines.
We play as a robot scout who has never encountered this type of machine people. Our first mission is to scout a small area of a newly discovered planet.


  • Keyboard + Mouse
  • LMB - Attack/Dash-Attack
  • RMB - Interact
  • WASD - Movement
  • Space - Jump
  • Shift - Dash/BackFlip

The game is quite hard, so be patient. We are inspired by Zelda, Soul’s Series, Destiny and bit of JRPG’s.

U can download it for free at:

And teaser: