EO RAPIDUS - Initial Development Progress

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to share a quick little progress video from a few months of mostly part-time, some full-time solo development (as full-time as you can be with a toddler in tow spreading anarchy.) Hoping to ramp things up here soon and get a playable alpha demo out if anyone desires. Also looking for some people who might be interested in testing multiplayer in the near future as we get closed-circuit tracks built out. Full teaser coming soon!

About the game:* Welcome to the border colonies, Milky Way’s industrious human frontier and home to the infamous EO RAPIDUS racing league. Launch into an exhilarating, high-speed, anti-gravity, sci-fi racing extravaganza and make your mark across the vast and beautiful landscapes, cities, and outposts of the frontier. Upgrade, customize, tweak, love, and cherish your collection of high-velocity performance hovercraft. Heck, maybe even wash them once in a while. Practice, hone, and perfect your driving technique and take to the galactic races for money, glory, fame, honor, or simply for the thrill.*

I love the world and cyperpunk design!! Great work