Envy123 - Experienced Quest Designer, Implementer and Writer

Status: Currently Open

What is the difference between a good RPG and a great one? The storytelling.

But way too often, writers and designers work separately. Which turns a great story in theory into something which could’ve been a lot more.

This is more than just quest design. It’s about having your game’s story be remembered for being something great instead of just good.

With my expertise in quest design, I assure you that your story would be implemented to the highest possible standards or your money back. Most of the teams I worked with, find my quest design to be the best they have seen.


  • I am able to implement a written script into a dialogue system, complete with game logic to drive the quests.
  • I can write the script if there isn’t one.
  • I can implement a Quest Design document into fully working quests within your quest system.
  • I can implement complex and dynamic stories with choice and consequence.
  • Fairly proficient with Behaviour Trees.
  • Advanced knowledge of various events such as Begin Overlap and Tick.
  • Intermediate knowledge of Blueprints.


  • Over 8 years of experience as a quest designer.
  • Have released 4 quest mods and 2 indie games, the latter both being on UE4.
  • Worked on projects with a variety of scopes from massive open-world RPG total conversions to small narrative indie games.


Video of my implementation work for Valenwood Islands, an ambitious quest mod for Oblivion. My work was the implementation of the dialogue, quests and character AI to make the quests happen. The rest was done either by the makers of Oblivion or the Valenwood Islands team members. My work starts from the below time in the video.

My work on my UE4 indie games will come soon.

Skype: enver.nigmatouline

Further Information:

I live in the UK, so my timezone is GMT.
I am willing to travel only within London. Nowhere beyond that unless my travel is paid for.
I can sign an NDA if you have one.

Regarding Royalty Positions:

Although I love the work that I do, I have to pay the bills and support my family. So unfortunately, for the time being, I cannot do royalty-based work.

Paid Positions:

Availability is between 8am and 9pm GMT on weekdays, weekend hours are negotiable.

If interested, feel free to contact me on Skype or via email. I usually reply very promptly, inside my availability hours.

Updated the OP. :slight_smile:

Added you to my contacts on skype Enver, see you soon!

The project fell apart. Still looking for work. :slight_smile: